Why Video is Convincing

Why Video is Convincing Trust is a huge factor in whether or not people believe something or someone. It plays into how we make decisions, who and what we buy into, and where we choose to spend our time and money. Convincing home sellers to list with you isn’t always easy, especially when many of your competitors are saying a lot of the same things. Video is a great way to push that needle of indifference closer to trust. Video is convincing. To make sales (or win new clients and listings), people have to believe what you’re telling them. They have to believe in you. Being trustworthy and skilled – not that hard, right? But how do you show it? You can actually start with images. A study conducted at the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand was fascinating for what it revealed: Simply including images with your text—whether it be a sales pitch, info on your agent website or property details on a single property website—makes whatever you’ve said inherently believable. What was really surprising, is that this worked during the study even when the image had nothing to do with the claim or text. So, take it a step further. If your agent and single property websites are well stocked with relevant and clear images, you’re on the right track. Now, make it even better by adding video. When people choose to buy or sell a home, they are engaging in what is one of the biggest and most significant transactions they’ll ever make in their lifetime. Trust is hugely important when selecting a realtor. They want to know that you, their real estate agent, are professional, knowledgeable, technically savvy, connected, available, and more. Video, even more than still images, is believable and convincing. When compared to a site with no video, your property and agent websites will stand out easily, without question. And I’m not talking about videos of the properties you’re selling. I’m talking about videos that sell you. Visual content drives engagement. Research has shown that visitors spend 100% more time on pages that include video. When that video is smart and relevant, the extra time results in conversions – new clients and new listings. Before people can believe you and want you to represent them in their home selling or buying journeys, they have to remember who you are. It’s been shown that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to just 10% when reading it in text alone. Quality video content is not a pipe dream, even for one-man-band realtors. It’s simple, and you can do it now with Virtuets.  

Author : Jess Maria

Jess Maria is a writer, editor, PR specialist and communications expert who has been published in six countries.