Real Estate Video SEO

Real Estate Video SEO

Content is much more than text. Rich media content is crucial these days in creating a welcoming, usable, attractive web experience. SEO is as important when it comes to rich media, as it is to web text. Your images, audio and video all need to be SEO optimized to make the best of your real estate web presence.

YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. If your videos aren’t searchable, they will get lost in a sea of content. That’s why video SEO is so important.

One of the first rules of SEO is content quality. With real estate videos, this is a no brainer – your video shows the home or property you are advertising via your single property website. The connection couldn’t be more relevant or qualified. Make sure each video has a title that is not only interesting, but contains keywords.

Use tags and descriptors to enhance your video’s searchability. Think about the reasons you chose keywords for your website. Apply the same thought to keywords and descriptions for your real estate videos. Give search engines something to index and rank by providing transcripts of your videos in HTML.

Enabling syndication and embed options make it easy for others to share your video, which increases your video’s SEO juice.

Using a real estate video tool like Virtuets takes the guesswork out of video SEO optimization.