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Look like a marketing genius with our Personal Promotion Videos for Real Estate Pros. You choose the “Look” and “Style” – We customize each video with your personal information! Adding a custom personalized video to your website can greatly increase your chances of getting a page 1 ranking in Google.

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The benefits of a Personal Promotion Video:

Your website should be engaging and filled with content that makes consumers want to choose you as their real estate professional. There is no better way to quickly and effectively get your message across than with video.  Even better, studies show that achieving a page 1 ranking in google is 50x easier with video. A well optimized video can greatly increase your website’s SEO and index higher in search results. According to Unruly, a persons enjoyment of a video increase their purchase intent by 97% and their brand association by 139%. In other words, people who see your video will want to work with you and remember your brand.

Sources Include: Forrester Research, Unruly.

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