10 MORE Great Digital Video Statistics for Realtors

10 MORE Great Digital Video Statistics for Realtors

We recently posted 10 of our favorite digital video statistics for realtors, and now I’m back with 10 more. This is an area near and dear to our hearts at Virtuets, quite obviously, and we love to share motivating stats on how video has taken over the web and how it can transform your real estate business.

1. One minute of video is equal to the value of 1.8 million words.

2. The average user is exposed to 32.2 videos each month.

3. 100 million internet users watch online video each and every day.

4. 80% of internet users recall watching a video ad on a website they’ve visited in the past 30 days. 46% of them took some action after viewing the ad.

5. 58% of buyers want and expect to see video of a home they’re looking at online.

6. Consumers spend an average of 1 to 3 minutes watching a video on their mobile devices.

7. 74% of all Internet traffic in 2017 will be video.

8. In an eye-mapping study of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), video results commanded more attention than other listings.

9. 71% of consumers say that video is the best way to bring product features to life.

10. The average US consumer spent 24 minutes a day watching online video, more time than any other digital media activity except social media and email.

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